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A FUN ARTICLE FROM JerseyMan magazine

Posted on: March 13th, 2016 by admin

From the publisher of JerseyMan magazine.


It got me to thinking about music and how unique the sections and instruments are.  There is a brashness of the brass, the delicate nature of the strings, the boldness of percussion and the eloquence of the woodwinds.  Amazing how all of these different elements come together and create beautiful music.  Since it is the political season as well, it got me to thinking how dysfunctional our government is. And how chaotic the presidential nominees are.

Donald Trump is a tuba, emitting loud and overwhelming sounds.    Clinton is a trumpet, blowing out her agenda for all to hear.   Ben Carson is a piccolo, whispering his message in soft and muted tones.   Bernie Sanders is a mad violinist fiddling like his hair is on fire.  Chris Christie is a cymbal, delivering his opinions with a crash.   Carly Fiorina is a harp, letting her conservative edict flow from her deft fingertips.  Jeb Bush is a triangle, never wavering in tone or rhythm.  Teb Cruz is a piano that can deliver sharp right wing chords.  Marco Rubio is a tambourine, shaking his message with Cuban flair.

The orchestra conductor makes all the instruments come together in wondrous harmony.   It’s just too bad we don’t have someone with a wand that can lead our presidential hopefuls and channel their differences into a melody that will benefit all of us.

LET THE POLITICAL MUSIC PLAY ON.                                               Thoughts from Ken Dunek