Posted on: March 24th, 2016 by admin

Yes, it is true; I bought another boat.  Since hurricane Sandy took my last one I have been boat-less for a few years.  Ya know it’s not that bad without one…no bottom painting, no waxing, no motor work, no running aground (not that I would have done that) no breakdowns etc.  Actually all of those “nos” is what boating is all about except for that pesky running aground thing. ( Not that I  have ever done that )  So after a few years I got the bug again to fool around on the high seas and actually bought one. I never claimed to be that smart.  Ah yes a boat “A HOLE IN THE WATER TO POUR MONEY INTO”. The interesting part is the actual boat purchase is the lease expensive part.  Hmm!! Let me see…boat slip $3300, name change $400, detailing $650, bottom painting $350, fuel to start the season $700, insurance $288, the launching $200 and the list goes on.  Now you do get to hang around the marina and drink beer and tell fishing lies with your buddies, take some cruises, try to catch some fish (it’s fishing not catching ) and even run aground sometimes ( not that I have ever done that).  So here I go again and I hope to see you on the high seas or maybe just out on the bay.  Just in case on a slim chance you might find me stuck in shallow water you don’t need to help out.  We always have plenty of beer on board for such emergencies.  Of coarse we would be happy to share a cold one.

You’re fellow “don’t know no better” boater,  Tom


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